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BRNO, Training

BRNO, Training
BRNO, Training

BRNO, Training

Карамышев Николай

Before the final stage of the European Cup Nikolay Karamyshev spent a full day of training on Brno race track in the Czech Republic.

Early on the morning of August 28, Nikolai began to study the new track. The training gave the result: every lap he has improved his own time and showed after the first session an excellent result.

In the afternoon it started raining and the mechanics had to quickly set up the car for the new weather conditions.

Many pilots refused training in the heavy rain, but Russian Nikolay Karamyshev immediately continued training in the most difficult weather conditions and at each lap he showed phenomenal results for its class of car and showing that in the final stage he is ready for the final stage.


The final stage of the European Cup 2013 will take place on 5 and 6 October in the Czech Republic and will identify the best drivers in Europe this year. Support Nikolay, support Russia.


The Brno racing circuit is located 10 kilometers west of the town with the same name and is the largest and the most modern circuit in the Czech Republic.

Earlier in Brno races were held along the streets of the western part of the city and surrounding villages. Current stationary raceway was built in the second half of the 80's.

Since 2004, there were stages of DTM. WTCC and FIA GT still spend their stages on this race track.

Track length - 5403 m, width - 15 m, 14 turns, and elevation reaches 74 m.


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