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Double victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Austria

Double victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Austria
Double victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Austria

Double victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Austria

The triumphal for Nikolay Karamyshev became the third stage of the European Cup in class Touring.

A year ago on a race track Salzburgring Russian racer faced with certain difficulties, so it was especially important to achieve good results in order to prove the coincidence of the mistakes and make the next important step in the title race.

Николай Карамышев

The tests have shown that Nikolay has a slight advantage in \speed, but the opponents are very close. In the Saturday qualification Karamyshev showed the best time - but a few hours later it moved from the first starting position on the last (25th). Chevrolet Cruze of the leader of the season 2014 was 600 grams lighter allowable weight!!!

But Sunday proved that not it is a minor breach was a cause of good speed of the racer. Overtaking rivals, Nikolay easily and confidently made his way into the top ten, then five, and in the ninth lap of 12 he left behind the pilot from Slovakia Mato Homola and went to the leaders, in order never to give the first position until the checkered flag.

Николай Карамышев

According to the rules in the second race Karamyshev started eighth and he didn't meet obstacles on the way to the top of the podium. The same Homola tried to take the Russian out of balance, even blinked his headlights but remained at the second position. Two victories allowed the Russian pilot to strengthen its position in the overall standings of the European Cup. Now he has 54 points, while the driver who takes the second place - 37.

Николай Карамышев

N. Karamyshev: « Honestly, I still can't believe what happened. We even did not expect such a result after Saturday troubles. But the race was like a dream - when after the finish we inspected the car, there was not a single scratch! Thanks to the team - this time we managed to find settings that allowed to maintain a good speed. I was able to overtake in the most unlikely places, sometimes passing with a minimum distance between cars. We also knew that we must be very careful with the tyres on this race track . On the tests they twice had exploded. So before the race, we even changed the angles of camber to go a bit slower, but not to risk. And in the distance I sometimes had a little to drop the speed, so as not to overheat the tires. However, all this was done, the main thing is I am very satisfied with a good weekend and now I will prepare for the upcoming stage in the Spa, which will be very important.»

Nikolay Karamyshev adjusted his calendar for 2014, and will not participate on the Russian stage of the world championship WTCC. However, he would take part in this series later in the season.



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