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Unconditional victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Belgium

Unconditional victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Belgium
Unconditional victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Belgium

Unconditional victory of Nikolay Karamyshev in Belgium

Today, July 22, on the Belgian racetrack "SPA" pilot from Russia Nikolay Karamyshev even more strengthened its leading position in the European Touring Car Cup 2014.

Successful for the Russian pilot Nikolay Karamyshev turned out the fourth stage of the European Cup in the «Touring» class. The driver from Kursk in a tense struggle with rivals won the qualification and both the race.

21-22 June, the participants of the European Cup competed at the legendary track «Spa-francorchamps». Many drivers call this track is one of the most interesting in the world. Built in the foothills of the Ardennes 7-kilometer ring differs by a rich history, plenty of high-speed turns and incredibly beautiful scenery.

Николай Карамышев

However, for thirty pilots from 11 countries did not have time to enjoy the scenery: each of them was aimed at achieving maximum results. Nikolay Karamyshev successfully conducted the training behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Cruze, and in qualifying was able to beat his main rival in this season - Slovak pilot Mato Homola.

The first race was held with the advantage of a 26-year-old resident of Kursk: skillfully started, Nicholay remained the leader, then slowly turned away from the pursuers. At the finish line his advantage was very impressive by the standards of the 50-kilometre distance - eight seconds.

Николай Карамышев

But the script of the second race turned out to be much more exciting. According to the rules the winner of the first race should start from eighth place. Karamyshev, which from the beginning of the season called his main task in the fight for the title, decided not to risk running into the first corners, where excessive struggle can lead to a clash and dropping out of the race.

He gradually overtook his rivals, allowing Homola, who took the lead, to create a small gap. In the middle of the race the Russian racer came in second place and began the chase. But his opponent did not want to give up and also got out of the car as much as possible. On the final lap Nikolay went second, losing less than a second.

The first attack from Karamyshev, it seemed, was not successful. However, the pilot from Slovakia trembled and made a mistake by putting his car in a drift. Nikolay could turn to the side, avoiding the accident and rushed to the second victory of the day.

Николай Карамышев

On his visit to the Spa racer from Kursk earned 23 points out of 23 possible, which greatly strengthened his position in the overall standings. The final stage is left in Italy, which will name the strongest.

N. Karamyshev : « We were able to find a great set-up for qualifying: piloting, especially at this track, brought great pleasure. However, my race engineer little changed them to go a little slower, but more stable, as well as to protect the tyres. The first race went without any problems, but in the second I had to string up. But Mato Homola , which I chased, began to get nervous and in the end it led to his mistake. We had a little contact, but nothing serious. The stage was successful, however, a decisive battle is still ahead. In Sicily, for the race will give double points, the champion will be determined right there.»

Broadcast of the European Cup from the Spa can be viewed on channel Eurosport 2 on Tuesday, June 24, at 20:00 by Moscow time. The final weekend of the season will be held on 27-28 September on the island of Sicily.




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