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Kursk «Krytoy Log». 1 Stage. Autocross

Kursk «Krytoy Log». 1 Stage. Autocross
Kursk «Krytoy Log». 1 Stage. Autocross

Kursk «Krytoy Log». 1 Stage. Autocross

July 7, near Kursk in "Krytoy Log" has passed the first stage of the «Cup of Chernozemye» by autocross, which is called "Kurskaya Dyga". The event gathered more than 50 participants from Kursk, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Orel and other cities of the Central Chernozem region of Russia.

Fans of auto sport came to cheer for their favorite riders not only from Kursk, but also from other regions. And, indeed, the audience surrounded the track.

In "Krytoy Log" came the holder of the European Cup 2012 Nikolay Karamyshev to cheer for his friends. By the way, Nicholay knows this race track very well - before joining the European Cup Nicholay also took part in the «Cup of Chernozemye» by autocross and many times won at his home track.

But racer from Kursk didn't just come to look at the competition. As a representative of the "Kursk Regional Automobile Federation" and "Children's Sports School "Karting" he came to support not only riders, but also to help the search for new sporting talent.

Nikolay Karamyshev, together with representatives of School of Karting announced a set of training in 2014-2015 year in various sports disciplines. Kursk champion himself was trained in this school and, according to him, this had an important influence on his victory.

Near the place of reception of applications for training (All participants and spectators saw this bright tent with a large number of people around) Nicholas brought one of his Racing Cars of the European Championship 2013 - Seat Leon SuperCopa, which helped him in difficult confrontation to take 4th place in the European Cup in 2013.

Bright sports car immediately attracted the attention of a large number of people, especially young people, who with great interest wanted to try himself as a future racers.

Let's hope that such events will help in the search of young sports talents and one of them will be able to grow new Champions.



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