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Not lost championship

Not lost championship
Not lost championship

Not lost championship

May 19-20 in Austria on the route Salzburg Ring passed 3rd European Cup EUROPEAN TOURING CAR". Yves third time, playing for Russia in the class of "Super-Production", Nikolay Karamyshev became the owner of the winning Cup.

In qualifying Nicholas gave 0,006 seconds and took the second position in the starting grid. But already in the first turn he came to the first position, and by the middle of the first race gap on rivals was more than 100 meters.

Karamishev Nikolay

The second race from the first lap, was in a tough fight. Winner of the European Cup - 2011 athlete of Serbia Aleksandar tošić six times tried to dislodge the vehicle Nicholas from the highway. And, perhaps because of the experience offroad driving Kursk racer was able to withstand such a tough fight on the track.

Corianin not lost the championship. Salzburg applause greeted the master of sports of Russia Nikolay Karamyshev.

4th final round will be held in Italy on the track in Monza on June 23. He will finally determine the winner of the European Cup 2012.

Vladimir Bogachev
Komsomolskaya Pravda
dated 24 may 2012


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