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Karamyshev - champion

Karamyshev - champion
Karamyshev - champion

Karamyshev - champion

24 June in Italy on the track of Imola, was the final stage of the EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012.

Corianin Nikolay Karamyshev in a bitter struggle won the fourth gold than has added significant points in the total score. As a result, with a margin of more than 20 points, became the absolute champion EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012-in-class "Super-Production".

We remind you that the 1st stage of the European championship was held in Monza in Italy, 2nd stage - in the city of Bratislava, Republic of Slovakia, 3rd stage took place in the Austrian city of Salzburg, during which six times the vehicle Nicholas tried to knock off the track athlete of Serbia, champion of 2011, Alexander tošić. Having considered the situation in the 3rd stage of the competition, the sports Board of commissioners recognized the behavior of Alexander Tosic not a sports and made the decision on punishment of the athlete.

Unfortunately the 4th stage did not pass without incident. During training runs, the machine Nicholas failed engine, resulting Nicholas could not participate in the qualifying heats, respectively, to start Karamyshevo had with the last position of the starting grid, but after the 4th lap he overtook 11 machines and became and became the first in its class. It should be noted that Nikolai walked and his longtime rival, the Italian Fabio Fabian. In 2009 Fabio Fabian won gold at the European Championships behind Nikolay Karamyshev on a 0.035 seconds, which was 20 cm hood of the car.

Николай Карамышев

Imola congratulated the winners, sounded triumphant anthem of Russia. Home Nikolay Karamyshev brought the Cup of the European Champions 2012 than it has been added to the Bank wins countrymen. And the following weekend will be held in Moscow next stage of the championship of Russia, where Nicholas will again present hometown (for information: in the previous race in Nizhny Novgorod, he took the 1st place).

on June 28 2012


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