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Crystal Cup - countryman

Crystal Cup - countryman
Crystal Cup - countryman

Crystal Cup - countryman

24 June in Italy on the track Imola went 4th final stage of the EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012, in which the victory again won Kursk racer Nikolay Karamyshev.

As a result, a margin of more than 20 points, he became the absolute champion ETCC 2012 in class "Super-Production".

Николай Карамышев

Imola consists of a large number of turns, there are few high-speed sections - this gave some chances to win in the final race, as there is little that depended on the power of the engine, more important was the struggle cornering and driving technique in them, - said Nicholas.

Recall that the previous stages of the European thuringowa club took place in Monza, Bratislava, Salzburg, and at the third stage of the vehicle Nicholas tried several times to knock off the champion 2011 Serb Alexey Tosic. The Board of commissioners recognized the behavior of Tosic unsportsmanlike and made the decision on punishment of the athlete.

As representatives of the Russian racer, the 4th stage is also not without incident. During training runs, the machine Nicholas failed engine, with the result that he was unable to take part in the qualifying heats, respectively, had to start from the last position, but after the 4th lap he overtook 11 machines and became the first in its class.

Николай Карамышев

Home Nikolay Karamyshev brought crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012 than it has been added to the Bank wins countrymen.

And at the weekend in Moscow will host the next stage of the championship of Russia.

on June 28, 2012


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