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Nikolay Karamyshev champion EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012

Nikolay Karamyshev champion EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012
Nikolay Karamyshev champion EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012

Nikolay Karamyshev champion EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012

Kursk racer Nikolay Karamyshev early won the European Cup. Corianin this year won all the stages of the European Cup this season.

24 June in Italy on the track Imola went 4th final stage of the European Touring CAR CUP-2012. Corianin Nikolay Karamyshev in a bitter struggle won another gold than has added significant points in the total score. In the result, with a margin of more than 20 points became the absolute champion of Europe in the class "Superproduct"

Николай Карамышев

Recall that the first stage of the European championship was held in Spain on the track of Monza, the second stage - Slovakia: on the trail of the city of Bratislava. May 19-20 in Austria on the route Salzburg Ring was the 3rd stage of the European Cup auto racing European touring car cup. And for the third time, playing for Russia in the classroom "Superproduct" Nikolay Karamyshev became the owner of the winning Cup. It probably costs more to tell, how did the third stage.

In qualifying Nicholas gave 0,006 seconds and took the second position in the starting grid. But already in the first turn he came to the first position, then the position is changed. By the middle of the first race gap on rivals was more than 100 meters.

The second race from the first lap, was in a tough fight. Winner of the European Cup-2011 athlete of Serbia Aleksandar tošić six times tried to dislodge the vehicle Nicholas with the tracks. And perhaps because of the experience offroad driving Kursk racer was able to withstand such a tough fight on the track.

Corianin not yielded. And the Austrian Salzburg applause greeted the master of sports of Russia Nikolay Karamyshev. And again on the European touring car cup sounded triumphant anthem of Russia.

After this victory the 4th final stage was held in Italy on the track in Monza on June 23. He finally identified the winner of the European Cup 2012. Having considered the situation in the 3rd stage of the competition, the sports Board of commissioners recognized the behavior of Alexander Tosic not a sports and made the decision on punishment of the athlete. But the 4th stage was not without incident. During training runs, Nikolai failed engine, resulting Nicholas could not participate in the qualifying heats, respectively, to start Karamyshevo had with the last position of the starting grid, but after the 4th lap he overtook 11 machines and became the first in its class. It should be noted that Nikolai walked and his longtime rival, the Italian Fabio Fabian. In 2009 Fabio Fabian won gold at the European Championships behind Nikolay Karamyshev on a 0.035 seconds, which was 20 cm hood of the car.

Николай Карамышев

- Imola consists of a large number of turns, there are few high-speed sections - this gave some chances to win in the final race, as there is little that depended on the power of the engine, more important was the struggle cornering and driving technique in them, - said the champion.

Home Nikolay Karamyshev brought crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012 than it has been added to the Bank wins countrymen.

- I was not satisfied with the status of a participant! I was determined to win. In this championship, or you're a champion, or a regular party... there is no 2nd place or 3rd.

Nicholas in this sport with 19 years. It all started with how he acquired the "experienced" racing "eight" Orlovsky rider Vladimir Cherevin. For a short period of time repeatedly raised at various stages of racing competitions.

According to champion, the driver must be a reaction, like a boxer. Here absolutely need a clear head, an accurate calculation of the trajectory, the definition braking, you have to think for themselves, and for the car.

-Victory depends on the mass of detail. Do not approve of victory at any cost, in the races respected rivals. This strength test.


On the way every athlete has a lot of tests. In his 23 years Nicholas was not an easy path. Due to the severe injuries he had a year to fight for the life... of a career as a racer doctors advised to forget. The incident occurred in April of last year.

Time time playing paintball Nicholas lit a smoke bomb, bought from the organizers of the game, but instead generate smoke, it exploded in his hand. Karamyshevo badly injured right wrist. In the result, was able to rescue only two fingers. Initially, doctors were given the pessimistic predictions of its future sports career. One after another took place operations. All this time he never lost faith that the hand will begin to move... After a year of treatment and rehabilitation Karamyshev again got behind the wheel of a sports car.

To restore the old sports uniforms, he practiced at home on the simulator - up race car. Developed injured brush in computer mode hundreds of times passed the racetracks of Europe and Russia. It was necessary to make the hand again to feel the car. Initially had to struggle more with the machine than with rivals. Tremendous support was provided by relatives and friends, athletes. Repeatedly came to the hospital to support and organizer circuit races Russia Sergey Krylov.

Николай Карамышев


After recovery, he decides to participate in the Championships, as before..., June 16-17, 2012 at the race track "Nizhny Novgorod" ring (N. Novgorod was the 3rd leg of the race series of the Russian Racing Championship (RRC). The race was held in a bitter struggle, in difficult weather conditions (it was pouring rain). At the finish line due to contact with the vehicle and opponent Nikolay Karamyshev damaged wheel. Despite this unexpected turn of events, he not only went off track, but finished first, adding another trophy to their collection.

Nikolay Karamyshev took 3rd place in the second stage racing series Russian Racing Championship (RRC), ahead of a number of famous racing drivers, including multiple champion of Russia and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, only losing to the more powerful BMW cars in this class under the direction of Alexander Frolov Dmitry Dobrovolsky.

Owever, the most significant event of the long races became involved in the European Touring CAR CUP-2012, to cross which is the dream of every rider. Nicholas was the only Karenina, not just the speakers on this race, and became the champion.

But now champion prepared for the next stage of the championship of Russia, where Nicholas will again represent his hometown. He did not take part in the first race, as it coincided with the date of the Championships of Europe and Russia. So Ron had to skip one stage of the championship of Russia. The main difficulty for each race, points are summarized. But in spite of this, Nicholas positive attitude. He believes that his most important sporting victories yet to come.

Diana Ohanyan.
on June 28, 2012


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