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The first crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012

The first crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012
The first crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012

The first crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012

"It is believed that racing is a sport, which is based on the adrenaline. Actually, this is false. In a car race, it is important composure, accurate calculation, endurance and concentration" - says Nikolay Karamyshev, Kursk racing driver, which he triumphed famous championship, EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP - 2012 by a margin of more than 20 points and became the absolute champion in the class of "Super-Production".

For Kursk Motorsport world this is the first achievement on a continental scale and huge application in the future. Ahead of the world Cup, and Nikolai Karamyshev have every chance to represent Russia at these competitions.

Николай Карамышев

The ring battles

European championship European Cup took place four stages: the first was held in Monza in Italy, second in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, third in Salzburg, and on the fourth, final stage racers competed on race Imola in Italy. For Nikolay Karamyshev this championship has not gone smoothly: there were a few unfortunate incidents, which, however, has not prevented to become young Kursk rider leader of all four races. The Alpine section of the Serbian competition racer Alexander tošić, champion 2011, six times he was trying to get Kursk racer off the track. The ex-champion was disappointed that Nikolay Karamyshev from turn to turn passed rollicking road sections where more technical. During the next maneuver at the Tosic, apparently, broke down, and he began to RAM the car Karamysheva. We need to understand that high speed any "external" contact fraught with loss of control and can lead to tragedy. But Nikolai managed to maintain composure and get out of this situation a winner. As a result of this incident the sports Board of commissioners recognized the behavior of Alexander Tosic not a sports and made a decision on his punishment. This is another proof that race win composure and not warmth.

To drive and not give up!

Brilliant performances on the European routes before the last stage brought Nikolay Karamyshev leaders. "In the last step, I would rather just get to the finish line"- says the athlete. But on race in Imola happened the unpleasant surprise that almost cost Karamyshevo win the competition. During training the machine Kursk racer (Karamyshev performed on the car brand "SEAT". - Ed.) fired the engine. Due to the catastrophic failure he could not take part in the qualifying races, so to start Nicolai had with the last position of the starting grid. But the final race remained under threat! Per night to collect high-class motor - task very difficult, almost impossible. But the team of engineers did it. Yes, the car in its characteristics inferior machines rivals, and Nicholas even offered to withdraw from participating in the finals. "I said give me a working car, the rest I will do myself," recalls racer. Karamyshev was sure that this route a thousand times proven and passed on the simulator, a high-speed car data is not so important. "Imola consists of a large number of turns. There are few sections - this gave some chances to win in the final race, as there is little that depended on the power of the engine, more important was the struggle on the turns and technique occurrences in them"- says the new champion of Europe.

Commentators, who watched the race, were in disarray after the fourth round Kuragino managed to overtake 11 machines and thus become the first in its class. "I am still challenged by the fact that my main competitor - Fabio Fabian who saw that I had big problems with the car, sarcastically remarked, saying that the race was over for me. I already lost him four years ago, so we lose the victory had no rights"- divided memories athlete. In spite of everything, in Italy sounded Russian anthem, and native Kursk earth Nikolay Karamyshev brought the first crystal Cup of champion of Europe 2012.

Николай Карамышев

It's only the beginning

Victory on the European stage opens Nicholas Karamyshevo door in international competition, is the dream of every rider. But the path traversed by the 23-year-old Karenina, can hardly be called simple. In a relatively short period of time Karamysheva awaited offensive losses and serious injury of the right hand that knocked the driver of automobile "saddle" for the whole year. "Nicholas, it was difficult to recover, the right hand didn't work. He underwent several operations, has worked long and hard on himself again to return to the big race", - says Galina Karamysheva, mother Kursk athlete. When 17-year-old boy told his parents that will be racing, they were a little freaked out and tried to dissuade his son from the dangerous classes. But all their attempts were in vain. Gathering a team of like-minded people, Nikolay Karamyshev began one after another to conquer the Russian ring road, bringing home sports trophies. But now parents don't miss a single race with the participation of the son, and sincerely empathize athlete.

In the subject: Nikolay Karamyshev became the winner of the 4th stage of the Russian championship auto racing (RRC). For the first time in the season, won the pilot, the speaker in the domestic car - Pavel Kalmanovicha driving a Lada Granta. Quite a bit he gave orenburzhets Alexander Frolov BMW 320 Si. The third was Corianin Nikolay Karamyshev, acting on the car SEAT Leon

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on July 4, 2012


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