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Nikolay Karamyshev the pride of the Russian Motorsport

Nikolay Karamyshev the pride of the Russian Motorsport
Nikolay Karamyshev the pride of the Russian Motorsport

Nikolay Karamyshev the pride of the Russian Motorsport

Despite the fact that the races are very popular both in Russia and around the world, this sport is, unfortunately, not included in the program of Olympic games.

But things change, and maybe in the future this omission will be corrected. Every year more and more Russian pilots get on the podium of the European and world Championships, featuring high class, successfully defending the honor of the country. A worthy representative of Motorsport Russia today is Corianin Nikolay Karamyshev, the success of which we are proud.

Nicholas Karamyshevo only 25 years, but, despite his young age, Kursk racer has achieved excellent results in their sport. Last year Nicholas made a successful debut at the world championship in circuit racing FIA WTCC and took fourth place in the season in thuringowa the European Cup. Along with this competition, he tried his hand at the world Championships, but that Cup ETC believes that the main for yourself series. Today Nicholas completed the requirements for the master of sports of international class.

- This season we have been gaining experience, - said Nikolay Karamyshev, is not always the case, as we had planned, but performance in the European Cup and the world Cup has allowed us to see our mistakes, and I'm sure next year they will be gone. Nikolay Karamyshev SUCCESSFUL DEBUT AT THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN CIRCUIT RACING FIA WTCC 8 - 9 June at the autodrome Moscow Raceway for the first time in history passed the stage of the world championship in circuit racing FIA WTCC. With the best pilots in the world competed rookie Nikolai Karamyshev from Kursk. Among the many candidates chose him famous Spanish team Compas. In this prestigious world series Nicholas was first flown Seat Leon with turbo engine 310 HP At the wheel of such a machine Nikolai previously to act no. But, despite this, Kurakin in competition with the world of Motorsport have shown very good speed. But the race for him was almost completed after his car literally rammed one of the participants in advance. Fortunately, the team did not disappoint. The car was able to restore to the beginning of the second race. During the race he managed to play six positions. Seventeenth place in the world championship WTCC races is a good debut for the beginner. Almost at the same time there was another race in the class "Touring" is the Russian championship. Despite the enormous burden in the world championship, Nikolay Karamyshev performed at the same Moscow Raceway and in the Russian championship in circuit racing. The first race of the Russian championship Karamyshev finished in first place in class "Touring", in the second race he again made it to the podium.

On the same day Nikolay Karamyshev received well-deserved medal of the Russian championship 2012.


The next round of the European Cup was held on 13 - 14 July 2013 on the island of Sicily. Heat plus fifty-two of the strongest contenders in the class and technical problems in qualifying. The penultimate stage of the European Cup began to Nicholas in not the most comfortable conditions. The ring for the race length of five kilometers is quite a difficult track with a rather dusty and tussock asphalt, where often accidents do happen. Nicholas was well prepared for the race. He said that it is better to learn the track, studied a lot of videos and worked on the simulator. And then spent her computer race.

In the end, in the first race he started from the seventh position on the grid. But Corianin immediately ahead of several principal rivals. And even before its completion pursued leader Spaniard Jordi Oriola. In the end, Nikolai broke the track very, very well - he took first place at the European championship and held it in his hands winning the Cup. Earning in Sicily 16 points, Russia has significantly improved the situation in the overall standings.

Victory Nikolai believes not random. Training, he devoted all his spare time:- Victory is not easy sometimes! Came, trained on the track and eventually improved continually.


Participation in the European Touring - the dream of every rider. Recall that the season started for Nikolay Karamyshev victory at the Italian Monza. Championship 2013 was held in a bitter struggle with difficult weather conditions (it was pouring rain). Despite this unexpected turn of events, Corianin not only went off track, but successfully finished. In 2013 Nicholas in my usual car "Seat Leon" participated in the Single-Make Trophy. For the first time in competition European Touring Car Cup pilot class "Seat Leon Supercopa" became a double winner. Nicholas won the Seat Leon Supercopa held for car model Seat Leon". In addition, he became the final winner of the first stage in the Single-Make Trophy.

Nikolay Karamyshev received not only the Cup, but also a special award for a double victory in the competition. Racer has become the strongest, beating in a bitter struggle all leaders!

Nicholas was the only Russian citizen, not just the speakers on this race, and became the champion. The victory was non-contact, and to withdraw from the race contactless very seldom it is possible.

Николай Карамышев


On the way every athlete has a lot of tests. In my 25 years Nicholas has been on a difficult path. Due to the severe injuries he had a year to fight for the life... Of a career racing doctors advised to forget, but perseverance Nicholas not to take... After a year of treatment and rehabilitation, he again got behind the wheel of a sports car.

To restore the old sports uniforms Nicholas practiced at home on the simulator - up race car. Developed injured brush in computer mode hundreds of times passed the racetracks of Europe and Russia. It was necessary to make the hand again to feel the car. Initially had to fight more with the machine than with rivals. Tremendous moral support was provided by relatives and friends, athletes. After recovery, Nicholas decides to participate in the Championships, as before.

So, in 2012, he won all the stages of the European Cup this season. 24 June in Italy on the track Imola went 4th final stage of the European Touring CAR CUP-2012. Corianin Nikolay Karamyshev in a bitter struggle won another gold than has added significant points in the total score. It should be noted that Nikolai walked and his longtime rival Italian Fabio Fabian (2009 Fabio Fabian won gold at the European Championships behind Nikolay Karamyshev on a 0.035 seconds, which was 20 cm hood of the car). It was the first season after his injury and return to sport.


Now Nicholas trains. Kursk racer has shared with us the plans for this season. He plans to participate in three rounds of the world championship WTCC, to drive all the European championship in class "Touring" and the championship track races. By the way, the first phase of which was held on 1 - 2 February.

In the season of 2014 decided that Nicholas will be in a new car - Chevrolet. Now the English team "Romel prepares the car this season.

"The race of Stars" is the brightest winter event in the world in Motorsport, which since 1978 conducts magazine "Behind the wheel". Jubilee, twenty-fifth race will be held February 23, 2014 in Moscow at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. So the next invitation was received this year and Nikolay Karamyshev, which will represent the Kursk automobile Federation.

In the prestigious race participate titled drivers from various Motorsport disciplines, received a personal invitation from the chief editor of the magazine "Behind the wheel".

The athletes have to qualify the results of the participants are classified in four 15-minute sessions. The best six pilots will compete in the final competitions on the same machines, prepared by the General partner of the Race of Stars "za rulem" company Renault. Then the winner of the finals will meet in the demonstration of the ice against the pilots of Formula 1", invited Renault.

"I am not satisfied with the status of the party! I'm determined to win" - says Nicholas. - In this championship or you're a champion, or an ordinary member. There are no second place or third.

Contest, victory and confident beautiful aerobatics is only the visible part of the life of the Kursk racer. But behind the scenes are always many hours of grueling workouts, miles, wrapped in extremes of heat and cold on the race track.

And the competitions of different level of support countrymen that the athlete is nice and very important. The talent must be fans. Motorsport in Kursk not only exists, but is successful thanks to such athletes as Nikolay Karamyshev.

We wish Nicholas victory and believe in him!

Komsomolskaya Pravda.


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