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Champion Virage

Champion Virage
Champion Virage

Champion Virage

The next stage of the Russian Championship in circuit racing is a massive event for all Motorsport fans. The competitions are held in 8 classes motorists. This time they are attended by athletes from 48 cities of Russia, but the most effective they are for the Kursk.

Kursk region on the track. Nizhny Novgorod was represented by two pilot Nikolay Karamyshev and Alexander Sotnikov. Already in the first day of competition during qualifying other races Nikolai Karamyshev set an absolute record of course time in its history. And he set a speed record on the track.

Николай Карамышев

Both in Nikolay Karamyshev finished first, despite the fact that the fight was so intense that it seemed impossible to avoid the accident, and yet Corianin went from collisions, sometimes holding out on the track "only two wheels. The added complexity and the fact that the second race changes the starting position of the leaders: the leader of the first race will start from sixth position and the athlete finishing sixth in first, but in spite of this after the first rotation Nicholas became the third, and two circle was leading the race.

Difficult was the second race for Alexander Sotnikov. The pressure turbo cars LADA Granda LUKOIL Recing at Kursk pilot was so rough that at the end of the race, Alexander immediately could not answer the question: "How many times attacked his rivals?". It was certainly a very entertaining race, spectator stands roared and muffled commentator.

Kursk team "Black&White" in the team classification class Touring, became the absolute winner of the 7th stage of the Russian Championship in each of the race days.

Николай Карамышев



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