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Winning pace - Nikolay Karamyshev sets records

Winning pace - Nikolay Karamyshev sets records
Winning pace - Nikolay Karamyshev sets records

Winning pace - Nikolay Karamyshev sets records

September 15-16 at the track "Nizhny Novgorod ring" passed the seventh stage of the championship of Russia in the racing circuit. Kursk region in Russia's major motorsports events were Nicholas and Alexander Sotnikov Karamyshev.

On the first day of competition during the qualifying heats Nikolai Karamyshev set an absolute record time of passage of the track, and record the maximum speed on the highway. It is worth noting that at the "Nizhny Novgorod ring" of such results to kuryanina could not get anybody. Cup for the anniversary Both races Nicholas Karamyshev finished first, beating the BMW team and TNK Racing turbo LADA Granta team Lukoil Racing. Alexander Sotnikov finished third in the first race, and the second - the first in the standings SEAT SUPER COPA. As a result, in the team competition team won Kursk Black & WhiteRacingTeam. Nicholas and Alexander Sotnikov Karamyshev became the absolute winner in both races of the 7th stage, adding to the treasury of sports victories smokers eve of the anniversary of his native city. Nicolai admitted he was happy to win, which coincided with the 980 th anniversary of the native to the athlete Kursk. Is nearing completion of a new season debut racing series Russian Racing Championship (RRC) - for the first time in the recent history of domestic racing circuit racing all classes together under the auspices of the Russian Automobile Federation, and the audience was presented to the new format of the weekend - two days on the trail runs more ten races! For winning prizes and championships fought 123 riders from 42 regions of the country, as well as from neighboring countries: Moscow and several cities in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Tolyatti, Orenburg, Tambov region, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Omsk, Cheboksary, Zhigulyovsk, Vologda, Izhevsk, Kostroma, Samara, Kazan, Sizran, Moscow, Ryazan, Almaty, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev. Dozens of engines and gearboxes selflessly gave their lives for the sake of the beautiful struggle that appreciated and tens of thousands of viewers across the country, and hundreds of thousands - on the Internet. Fans of statistical calculations estimate that if you add up all the riders spent tires, get the post height with the Ostankino TV tower! The most significant replenishment occurred in the "Touring" - the most powerful and fastest Touring cars. Last year at the start of yield of 13 pilots, this season the number of participants to 17. Go back champions of past years, some riders to prove themselves in the junior series, preparing to storm the summit. There are also new commands - the debut season for himself in the "Touring" to the famous "Lukoil Racing Team." The team has already have victory in the race - a red-white car "Lada Grant" have often left behind seemed unbeatable BMW-320. Nicholas Karamyshev made ​​tremendous progress on diesel «SEAT Leon» - the same car for a long time dominated the World Cup. Kursk proved triumphant race racer in its class. Sports experts tipped young athlete unreserved championship, despite the fact that Nicholas was forced to miss several stages of the Russian championship. True reason Karamysheva have been more than respectful - kuryanin participated in the European Championship, which ended in triumph for Nicholas.

Николай Карамышев

tactical calculations The first race was tense. Results qualification heralded an interesting fight. The first position of the grid took Nicholas Karamyshev for it are pilots "Lukoil Racing Team Lada" Michael Kozlowski and Alexei Dudukalo, seasoned world "Turing". "I knew that the first turn - the most dangerous and most important strategically. If you drive it gently, without collisions and clues, we could get at least a little, but the advantage. I decided to skip ahead of competitors, and it worked, "- says Nikolay Karamyshev. Within three laps was "played out" Dudukalo, then it's time to Kozlowski. Maneuver for maneuver Kursk racer stepped up the gap, leaving behind the famous competitors. The result: a team victory went Kursk «Black & WhiteRacingTeam». Now that the fervor of wrestling and can sleep a sober assessment of each action, Nicholas Karamyshev assures that this race he won, including tactically. "I beat strong opponents, which was on the side and the experience and power of the giant corporations. However, the machine does not go by themselves, they are run by people, "- says Kursk racer. The second day of racing proved richer. Despite all the troubles, victory in the team competition went kuryanam of «Black & WhiteRacingTeam». Now Nikolai prepares for the final stage of the Russian Cup race, which starts on September 26 on the circuit "Smolensk ring." "What are my plans? It's very simple: show excellent results in Smolensk. I will participate in the European Championship, even try your hand at the world championships. Kursk racers still at a level not made​​. I'll be there first "- sure Karamyshev. Vladimir Nikolaev Arguments and Facts


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