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Pedestal left Kursk

Pedestal left Kursk
Pedestal left Kursk

Pedestal left Kursk

Last weekend on the ice pond Ushakovsky passed traditional automobile race "Kursk 2013 Nightingale" on the Day of Liberation from Nazi invaders.

On icy road Ushakovsky pond designed for sports races, there were a lot of smokers and guests. Race heats were divided into four classes as a power car, and age of participants. The most spectacular and automotive duel was expected arrival in the D 1600. In this icy race racers participated most eminent Russian, whose name is on hearing at lovers of automotive competition, - Nicholas Karamyshev from Kursk and orlovchanin Vladimir Cherevan. It is between these athletes and a struggle for the prize medal of the competition.

Николай Карамышев

"The race was intense. The fact is that due to the technical conditions changed konfzhuratsiyu track, and the riders had to adapt to new conditions ", - says Nikolay Karamyshev. Whatever it was, climbed on top of the pedestal is kuryanin. For Karamysheva is not the first victory in the "Kursk Nightingale", but the athlete is especially nice to win this tournament in Kursk for an anniversary date. Another unexpected triumph of the competition was the Kursk racer Julia Strukov. In the D 2 Junior young kuryanka able to bypass all the competitors. The father of the young racers also engaged in motor sport and is involved in various kinds of competitions. However, all the "junior" pedestal was Kursk, which can not but rejoice. By the way: February 23 Nicholas Karamyshev will participate in the "Race Stars" for the prizes of the journal "Behind the wheel". This is the oldest and most prestigious competition in the Russian motor racing, which this year will take place at Moscow Hippodrome. Since last year, the race has an international character, and participate in it can only famous athletes who have conquered not one sports top.

Ivan Petrov
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