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ETCC 2013 Stage 1 opens in Italy

ETCC 2013 Stage 1 opens in Italy
ETCC 2013 Stage 1 opens in Italy

ETCC 2013 Stage 1 opens in Italy

FIA ETSS, Stage 1, Monza (Italy): Rain Power

Николай Карамышев

When the heavens opened over Monza, it became clear that the qualifying results from the dominance of BMW 320si E90 in the top group, should not wait. At the same stage favorites automatically exits cars Seat Leon Supercopa: firstly, due to the bigger wheels and tires size that allows efficient corny fight aquaplaning; Second, thanks to the turbo engine, with very good torque characteristics that are ideally suited for driving on a slippery road. Double victory for Russia Increasingly, representatives of Kursk FIA karting school and the city of Kursk are winners of national and international competitions.

Николай Карамышев

So, Kursk racing driver Nikolay Karamyshev brought enchanting Russian victory, winning the first stage of the European Touring Car Cup-2013 held in Italy. It was attended by 36 athletes from 15 European countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Britain, Spain, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, and others.) Speaking standings SMT (Seat Leon Supercopa), he managed to not only get ahead of rivals in its test group but to overtake the more powerful class of Turing. According to the results of the first race starting positions determined pilots in the second final race. Already in the fourth round Karamyshev Nicholas went to the lead and did not give up to finish it. Kuryanin finished far ahead of rivals in its class and all class athletes Touring. For the first time in the competition European Touring Car Cup Pilot Class Seat Leon Supercopa became a double winner. He not only got the Cup, but also a special award for a double victory in the competition.

Николай Карамышев

- I am very pleased with the result - said Karamyshev. - Soon we will go to Slovakia, and I'll be there to fight for victory in both races. In Italy, I was not easy to start from the 20th position, but I was able to concentrate and did everything possible to win. Another representative of the Kursk region Mikhail Grachev - Champion of Russia - 2012 in the class of Turing-Light - finished fourth.


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