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Great start Nicholas Karamysheva in the European Cup at the first stage

Great start Nicholas Karamysheva in the European Cup at the first stage
Great start Nicholas Karamysheva in the European Cup at the first stage

Great start Nicholas Karamysheva in the European Cup at the first stage

Nicholas Karamyshev won the first stage of the European Cup ETC Cup in Monza

As part of the debut weekend in Monza WTCC took the start and the second most important international "body" tournament - the European Cup ETC Cup. One of its main characters was Nikolai Karamyshev, won the second race at the wheel of SEAT Leon. The intention to pursue a career in Europe, 23-year-old athlete from Kursk announced a month ago, and now we can say that in the new season, he managed to markedly increased in speed. Competitions were held in Monza in difficult weather conditions - constant rain and only a few degrees above zero. The European Cup has collected more than three dozen pilots in three classes, the greatest attention causes racing Nicolas Hamilton - younger brother of Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Very personable were delegations from Russia and Ukraine with a total racers two countries amounted to more than a third of the peloton!

Николай Карамышев

However, in the first race did not differ for any of them. Steel strong Jordi Oriola, 16-year-old Spaniard, whose older brother Pepe is not the first act WTCC. It is noteworthy that he acted on the machine Cup SEAT (SMT), whose characteristics - and, above all, front-wheel drive - could not be better approached rain Monza. Contenders for BMW, formally representing more "senior" category S2000, where more slipping on the cold pavement. Best of our first race was Nikolai Karamyshev. After an unsuccessful qualifying he was able to spend faultless race and shot from 17th position to sixth. Anton Ladigin (brother of ex-pilot Cyril Ladygina WTCC) finished eighth, one of the leaders of the race track, "Smolensk Ring" Oleg Petrikov - ninth. In the second race the Russians played a much more prominent role. Ladigin started from pole position and led the reverse lattice peloton, but very soon on the rear bumper of his SEAT hung Karamyshev. for several laps pilots broke away from his pursuers, contested the leadership, after which Nicholas was able to come out ahead.

Николай Карамышев

In the second half of the race leaders overtook Austrian Mario Dablander, also spoke at SEAT. He had a slight advantage in speed and began to attack Ladygina. Yekaterinburg defended, as far as the best, but still lost on the penultimate lap. But more Dablander could not do. The best result of Nicolas Hamilton became the seventh place in the second race, and class S1600 worth noting podium Kievan Alexander Ivanchenko.


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