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Kursk pilot Favorit European Cup.

Kursk pilot Favorit European Cup.
Kursk pilot Favorit European Cup.

Kursk pilot Favorit European Cup.

Nicholas Karamyshev double victory brought Russia to stage 1 European Touring Car Cup - 2013 in Monza (Italy) brought together 36 participants from 15 European countries (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Britain, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, etc.). Speaking in the standings SMT (Seat Leon Supercopa), despite the heavy rain and strong wind, he managed to not only get ahead of rivals in its test group, but also outperform the more powerful class of Turing, winning in the absolute.

Николай Карамышев

During qualifying Nicholas Show 3 results, but it is not telemetrist drowned after arrival in poddoke car. As a result, the judge penalizirovali athlete and in the first race, he had to start from the 20th position of the grid. And at the start of the machine stood before Karamyshevo famous Geordie Oriol (Spain), Mario Dablandera (Austria), Christian Fischer (Switzerland), Mats Homola (Slovakia), Petr Fulin (Czech Republic) and others. Nicholas round and round rounds rivals and finished 4 and 6 in their overall, earning himself the right to start in the second race 3 (as used reversionny start).

Николай Карамышев

Already a 4 circle Nicholas Karamyshev takes 2 position and soon passes Austrians Mario Dablandera and becomes the leader of the race to the finish line and did not concede their position. Kuryanin finish far ahead of rivals in its class and all class athletes Touring. For the first time in the competition European Touring Car Cup Pilot Class Seat Leon Supercopa became a double winner. In the first stage of the European Touring Car Cup at Monza FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L'AUTOMOBILE) handed Nicholas Karamyshevo not only Cup winner, but also a special award for a double victory in the competition.

Николай Карамышев

Above the legendary track in Italy proudly developing Russian flag and the national anthem sounded Russian - national anthem of the winner of the competition.

"... I am very pleased with the result, as well as competition on the track. It's good that this year's race takes part in such a large number of machines, it will give the opportunity to fight in more fights. Soon we will go to Slovakia, and I expect to win both races ... Here in Italy I was not easy to start from the 20th position, but it is not a big problem. I concentrated, did all he could in the end be happy that I won "

It is worth noting that this year seven Russians represented Russia at the European Cup. Also Nicholas became the most productive: Mikhail Grachev - Champion of Russia - 2012 in the class of Turing-Light - 4th place.


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