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FIA ETCC, Stage 1, Monza (Italy): Rain Power

FIA ETCC, Stage 1, Monza (Italy): Rain Power
FIA ETCC, Stage 1, Monza (Italy): Rain Power

FIA ETCC, Stage 1, Monza (Italy): Rain Power

When the heavens opened over Monza, it became clear that the qualifying results from the dominance of BMW 320si E90 in the top group, should not wait. At the same stage favorites automatically exits cars Seat Leon Supercopa: firstly, due to the bigger wheels and tires size that allows efficient corny fight aquaplaning; Second, thanks to the turbo engine, with a very good torque characteristics that are ideally suited for driving on a slippery road.

Николай Карамышев

Add to this the traditional advantage over the rear of the front of the drive in the wet, and get what we got: a practical domination Superkop. Yes, sir, peredneprivodnik S2000 could impose Superkopam fight, and win it, whether they have the same level of pilot owner poles .. But Peter Fuling Fuling was driving a BMW 320si E90. Cech did everything I could, finished fifth in both races (which is very, very in this weather for the rear-wheel drive), by the sum of the two races get a better ranking in the S2000, and was the fastest in both of zadneprivodnikov (plus two fastest laps in S2000). But the fight for the podium, even he could not. And who could? The favorites of Superkop steel Andreas Pfister and Jordi Oriola (both - Seat Leon Supercopa): Pfister confidently led the first race but came because of those. problems shortly before the finish. Initiative passed to Auriol, who won the first race, starting from the seventh position, and probably would have made ​​it to the podium in the second, becoming the first in the standings SMT on the sum of the two races. But early in the second race, Jordi got into contact with the same battle Fulin, flew off the track and out of control.

Николай Карамышев

Flashed in the second race Russian driver Nikolai Karamyshev (Seat Leon Supercopa). Actually, the "shot" he had in the first race, when the end of the second ten made ​​it to the sixth position, at the same time earning the right to start the third in the second race. The second race from pole position led to another Russian pilot Superkope Anton Ladigin (he was 8th in the first race), and for a time was in the lead until he was ahead of the same Karamyshev, and went into the lead. Ladigin also worked well for Nicholas sort of barrier from possible pursuers long enough time restraining himself behind a potentially dangerous Austrians Mario Dablandera (Seat Leon Supercopa). On the penultimate lap Dablander still doge Anton, and tried to rush in pursuit Karamyshevo, but the gap to 4 seconds to play has been unreal, the train left. So Nicholas, the first of the Russian riders crossed the finish line. In ETSS currently no official overall classification, the results of tests on crushed S2000 and SMT with separate podiums, but nonetheless. Following two races Karamyshev became the first in the standings SMT, runner Mario Dablandera third in Oreliana Coma. Said Anton Ladygina, finished third in the second race, and the results of two, he finished fifth. In the first three S2000 standings after two races: Petr Fulin, Christian Fischer (VMW 320si E90) and Peter Rikli (Nopda Civic 4D). Last note: in the first race he tried to fight Superkopami even led the race and led several laps until the cops Pfister, Auriol and Coma was not reduced. After leaving Pfister, Rickli finished third in the absolute and the first in the S2000. In the second race of the Swiss unfortunately gone.

Николай Карамышев

As for the other Russian riders, the pilots on the BMW 320si E90 from the team AMG Motorsport, under the circumstances, it was unrealistic to wait feats. Oleg Petrikov started the second in the first race, quickly lost a few positions, and then gradually rolled back, however, managed to stay in the top ten, finishing ninth in the absolute. In offset S2000 he received the fourth, and among the pilots on the third rear-wheel drive technology, after Fuling and Fisher. In the second race the less fortunate, contact was a struggle, and eventually crashes Oleg classified in the 15th position. More stable both races held his partner Mikhail Grachev (BMW 320si. E90), twice finished 12th in the absolute, and the 6th and 4th in the S2000. Third Russian pilot Superkopy, Mikhail Grachev (Seat Leon Supercopa), in the first race was the 14th in the absolute and 8th grade in the SMT, while in the second race has improved and finished 10th in the absolute and 7th in SMT. In class S1600 won both races last year's winner of the Eurocup Kevin Kpammec (Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V Mk6), beating the holder of first place in qualifying Gilles Bruckner (Ford Fiesta ST Mk5). In the third-place Thursday alternately visited pilotessa Ulrike Kraft and Ukrainian rider Alexander Ivanchenko (both - Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V Mk6), but after two races on the podium was Ulrike.


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