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Double blow from Nicholas Karamysheva

Double blow from Nicholas Karamysheva
Double blow from Nicholas Karamysheva

Double blow from Nicholas Karamysheva

Nicholas Karamyshev - one of the most renowned riders Kursk - once again brilliantly addressed the European automotive arena. Young athlete not only surpassed its rivals in the student's record group, but in the more powerful class of Turing, double win - unique for this class of case competitions. Karamyshev - the first who has achieved such success. And it is not in luck, and skill of the rider of the Kursk.

The first stage of European Touring Car Cup - 2013 was held at the legendary Italian track at Monza. The competition was attended by 36 athletes from 15 European countries (Germany, the Czech Republic, "Britain, Spain, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, etc.,) - the strongest representatives of motorsport. Russian competitions were 7 pilots. The best result among them showed kuryanin Nicholas Karamyshev. Speaking in the standings SMT (Seat Leon Supercopa), the athlete was able to not only get ahead of rivals in its test group, but also outperform the more powerful class of Turing. Although it was not so easy. non-flying weather During qualifying Nicholas showed third result, but it telemetrist (engineer who processes the data and calculates the course time - Ed.) After arrival is not drowned out the car during a pit stop (technical stop - Ed.). Judges 'revised' performance athlete, so in the first race he had to start from the 20th position. It would seem that the conversation about the successful finish could finish - seemed too high class experienced rivals. At the start there was a car in front of the famous Karamyshevo Jordi Oriol (Spain), Mario Dablandera (Austria), Christian Fischer (Switzerland), Mats Homola (Slovakia) and others. "Here in Italy I was not just start from the 20th position, but it's a small problem. I concentrated, did everything possible in the end, happy that I won, "- admits Kursk racer. The weather, by the way, also brought about changes: cyclones touched not only the European part of Russia, but got up to sunny Italy. At the time of the competition in the area of ​​Monza was a strong squally winds and torrential rain - not the best allies racers. It is said that some athletes because of the weather conditions do not even dare to take part in the prestigious European tournament.

Николай Карамышев

Rate - on skill

Bypassing Karamyshev famous rivals, already in the first race finished 4th in his student's record group and 6th overall. In the final race on the 4th round of Kursk pilot becomes the leader and the finish does not miss any of the contenders ahead. Eventually finished kuryanin by a wide margin, not only from rivals in its class, but also from all the athletes Touring class. Man, far from motor sport, it is difficult to understand how difficult this race was given the Kursk athletes. Karamyshev could only rely on their own skills on their own skills, spent hours training. Racing experts say that driving style Kursk athlete is unique in many respects: Karamyshev relies on tactics and calculates the distance to the front, never "plays meanly." In a sense, he brings the car races to chess, where the correctly chosen tactics - the key to success! However, to speak of one only correctly chosen tactics - not correct. Experience and skills of young drivers do not take the Kursk: behind Karamysheva numerous victories in the Russian and European competitions, participation in prestigious tournaments of international class. First in the "absolute" At competitions European Touring Car Cup double win pilot class SMT Nicholas Karamysheva the athlete to a "weak" cars ahead not only of its direct competitors, but also athletes, performing a class above, was a unique case. Therefore Kursk racer was not only the winner of the cup, but also a special award, Thanks Karamyshevo over the legendary Italian track proudly waving the Russian flag and the national anthem sounded victorious. By the way, the rest of the Russian riders showed a very modest result. The most productive, on past Karamysheva proved Nikolay Grachev, Russian champion last year. At Monza he came "only" the fourth, and in the overall classification were six. "I am very pleased with the result, as well as competition on the track. Well, this year the race is involved such a large number of machines. This gives the opportunity to fight in a lot of fights. Soon we will go to Slovenia, and I'll be there to fight for victory in both races, "- said Karamyshev. Indeed, in late April, the team Karamysheva go conquer the track "Slovenia Ring" in the next stage of the European Cup, and Karamyshev go to brotherly Slavic countries within the framework of one of the leaders. With a triumphant mood in kuryanina all right, then the fight will be hot again. Wish Karamyshevo another victory!

Николай Карамышев

Ivan Petrov Arguments and Facts

reference National Autodrome Montsy- Speedway near the town of Monza in Italy, north of Milan! Being one of the oldest race tracks of the world, it has a rich history. The track is best known for holding the Italian Grand Prix Formula 1 and is notable in that its pilots are at a high speed because of the long straight sections. This is the fastest route of modern "Formula 1", it set a record at the maximum speed and the speed of the circle. It is believed that this route is more demanding on the aerodynamic qualities of the car and engine power, rather than to the skill of the rider. Length of the route in the current configuration is 5,793 km.


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