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Nicholas Karamyshev brought Russian double victory in the first stage ETCC-2013

Nicholas Karamyshev brought Russian double victory in the first stage ETCC-2013
Nicholas Karamyshev brought Russian double victory in the first stage ETCC-2013

Nicholas Karamyshev brought Russian double victory in the first stage ETCC-2013

Kursk racing driver Nikolay Karamyshev successfully started the new season of the European Championship in circuit racing (European Touring Car Cyr). Competitions are held on the track near the Italian town of Monza, gathered 36 participants from 15 European countries. We note that the European Cup this year will take place in 5 stages. Previously, he was held in 4 stages. TEST OF STRENGTH Participation in the European Touring - the dream of every rider. Championship this year was held in a bitter struggle with the difficult weather conditions (heavy rain). Despite this unexpected turn of events, kuryanin not only descended from a line, but also successfully finished. Last year, Nicholas Karamyshev acted ETSS car "Honda Civic" in class Super Production. By the end of the season kuryanin won the title. This year Nicholas at the usual car for myself «Seat Leon» participated in the category Single-Make-Trophy. Karamysheva debut in the new category went to the race in Monza. Already in qualifying kuryaninu faced with problems. Nicholas on his «Seat» showed the third result. - With us, there was a small incident - we penalizirovali. Telemetrist not drowned out the car after arrival in poddoke, for which the judge fined me immediately. And had to start from the 20th position instead of the third, as expected. In the first race was a crackdown, but I made my way up to the 6th position - recalls kuryanin. Nicholas was the first at the finish line at the expense of the competent tactics. Overall, the race was very competitive and interesting. The pouring rain for four laps Nicholas took the lead of the race to the finish and successfully repelled the attacks of rivals. Even starting from 20th position did not prevent him to break forward by a large margin from rivals in its class and all class athletes "Turing". double victory For the first time in the competition European Touring Car Cup pilot class «Seat Leon Supercopa» became a double winner. Nicholas won the SEAT Leon Supercopa, conducted for model cars «Seat Leon». He also became the final winner of the first stage in the category Single-Make-Trophy. In the asset kuryanina 15 points. Racers Mario Dablander (Austria) and Aurelien Comte (France), shared the second- third place for the weekend in Monza earned 14 points. Nicholas Karamyshev received not only the Cup, but also a special award for a double victory in the competition. Was the strongest rider, beating a tough struggle all the leaders! Nicholas was the only kuryaninom, not just speaking on this race, but also become a champion. The victory was a non-contact and non-contact out of the race can be extremely rare.

Николай Карамышев

The first sporting success after OPERATIONS Note that the track at Monza was familiar to Nicholas. Last year, he participated in the European Cup Class Super Production, where the Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev early won the European Cup. Recall that due to a severe injury in 2011, Nicholas Karamyshevo had to fight for life. After a year of treatment and rehabilitation, he again got behind the wheel of a racing sports car. To restore the previous sportswear Nicholas practiced at home on a simulator - a copy of a racing car. Developed injured wrist, Computer mode hundreds of times passed racetracks in Europe and Russia. We had to get a hand to feel the car again. Initially had to fight more with the car than with competitors. Tremendous moral support was close people and friends, athletes. After the restoration of Nicholas decides to participate in the championships, as before. For example, last year he won all the stages of the European Cup this season. June 24 on the highway in Italy Imola was the 4th final stage of European Touring CAR CUP-2012. Kuryanin Nicholas Karamyshev in a bitter struggle has won another "gold" than added significant points in the overall score. But the 4th stage was not without incident. During training runs at the car Nicholas faulty engine, causing it could not take part in the qualifying rounds, respectively, had Karamyshevo start from the last position of the grid. However, after the 4th lap he overtook 11 cars and became the first in its class. It should be noted that Nicholas and beat his longtime rival, Italian Fabio Fabian (2009 Fabio Fabian won "gold" at the European Championships with a separation from Nicholas Karamysheva 0.035 seconds, which was 20 cm hood of the car). It was the first season after his injury and return to the sport. In addition, in 2012, the last time was played that class.

Николай Карамышев

Victory depends on the mass of detail According champion race driver must be in the reaction as a boxer. It is absolutely necessary light head, dead reckoning, the definition points of braking, and to think for themselves, and for the car. - Victory depends on the mass of detail. Disapprove win at any cost, in respect racing rivals. This endurance test. It is important each fraction of a second, and most important - self-control, cold calculation of the track. Tandem man and technology and can produce results. This should be something together. When a person can achieve such unity, and he becomes a pilot. Also important technological literacy, self-control and endurance. ATHLETES at competitions arrive ride - Is feel a champion? - We asked at kuryanina. - I am very pleased with the result, as well as competition on the track. This season has taught me a lot. Really great championship. Allows you to take the next step. The level of competition here is very high, to be a winner - a great honor. In Italy, I was not easy to start from the 20th position, but it's a small problem. I concentrated, did all he could in the end be happy that I won! Until next stage was exactly a month. During this time you need to recuperate Nicholas - practice, practice and practice again. - How do you prepare for the next stage? - The machine is already in Slovakia. The main thing - to be in excellent physical shape. Well, the work on the simulator runs, of course. Learning the track turns. Suggest how the rest of the next stage, it is difficult. But any athlete determined to win. And for what else to go there? We did not just come to ride. We drive for results.


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