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ETCC 2013 - second place in Slovakia

ETCC 2013 - second place in Slovakia
ETCC 2013 - second place in Slovakia

ETCC 2013 - second place in Slovakia

And again on the podium Kuryanin European Cup 2013

Unlike the first phase, held more than a month ago at Monza (Italy), our pilots in the list of participants at this time was much less. The full command is missing «AMGMotorsport / THK Racing", which represents Russia in the class "Touring" as much as four cars BMW 320siE90, but unfortunately none of its pilots could not rise above the fourth place in the first stage of the European Series of 2013. Cup leader in the category of SMT (SeatLeonSupercopa) Nicholas Karamyshev on Tuesday started training, but on Saturday during qualifying on his car has a problem in the fuel system (almost completely worn out fuel pump). As a result, the Kursk pilot was able to show only the eighth time in qualifying.

Николай Карамышев

At the beginning of the race, namely, in the first turn, Nikolai Karamyshev was in the midst of a grand accident, hosted young Ferenc Fitsey, because of which the race had to be stopped immediately to six athletes, including Yekaterinburg Anton Ladygin, played for the team SMP Racing Russian Bears. Another pilot SMP Racing Michael Maleev out of the race, faced on the 4th lap with Nicholas Hamilton of Britain. Nicholas Karamyshev barely managed to keep his car from a collision at the first corner and continued his climb to the pedestal. As a result, was able to finish third in its category, even more to consolidate its position in the standings. Second race where pilots began cautiously. "Loss" at this time was much less. Unfortunately not all the pilots were able to recover their cars for a short break between races. Nicholas Karamyshev this time spent the entire race in a bitter struggle, and finished fifth in the standings SMT, and from fourth place Norbert Nagy Kuryanina separated just three tenths of a second.

Николай Карамышев

By the end of Stage 2 European Touring Car Cup - 2013 pilot of Russia Nikolai Karamyshev shares the second place with German Andreas Pfister, who like Nicholas was able to score 25 points for 2 races. The next stage of the European Cup will be held on May 18-19 in the city of Salzburg (Austria). Already guaranteed we can say that we are waiting for a spectacular fight.


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