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Joint RRC race weekend and ended on WTCC Moscow Raceway

Joint RRC race weekend and ended on WTCC Moscow Raceway
Joint RRC race weekend and ended on WTCC Moscow Raceway

Joint RRC race weekend and ended on WTCC Moscow Raceway

The second stage of the championship of Russia on road circuit races RRC, held at Moscow Raceway circuit near Volokolamsk, ended on Sunday. Despite unfavorable weather forecasts and the long road to the highway, the set of true motorsport fans attended the race over the weekend. Only one race RRC (the first race of the Joint 1600) passed in the pouring rain. All the rest of the guests and participants of the championship to enjoy the sunshine. The main event of the weekend was undoubtedly the neighborhood with the world touring series WTCC, which visited Russia for the first time. WTCC races RRC and constantly alternated, and indefatigable Nicholas Karamyshev on Seat Leon managed to combine participation in both races. In WTCC luck smiled until our sportsman, but in RRC he twice reached the podium. The results - the first place by a wide margin in Saturday's race and third in Sunday. Also in honor of the Russian WTCC defended the 24-year-old Michael Kozlowski. In 2000 the Joint arrival (classes Touring and Super Production) fighting was intense and interesting in both races. In Turinge especially distinguished Alexei Dudukalo and Vladimir Sheshenin (Partners for Lukoil Racing Team Lada) and the aforementioned Nicholas Karamyshev: twice they shared the podium three. Another team player Mikhail Grachev and Oleg Petrikovu (AMG Motorsport) was lucky this time less: the beginning of each race was for them much more successful than the finish, and Grachev twice participated in combat contact with departure on the sidelines of the track. Serious accident involving Stanislav Minsk and Victor Kozankova caused stop Sunday's race at the tenth round. According to recent reports, have been evacuated from the road to Minsk reanimobile serious injuries were found. The most spectacular in the second stage of the race proved arrival Joint 1600. The first began at the same time with a powerful thunder and walked in the pouring rain, the second ended in a disqualification of the winner. Andrey Sevastyanov (B-TUNING), was undoubtedly one of the fastest riders in the group, but his victory in Sunday's race was canceled because of a shortage of several kilograms on handicap. Triumph in Group Touring Light was Vladimir Cherevan (two gold - in the first race he overtook Sevastianova at the finish line). Keep up with the mate Lukoil Racing Team Lada Paul Kalmanovich, who ascended the podium twice (second and third). In the class of the National demonstrating miracles of speed and technique of 14-year-old pilot from Ulyanovsk Egor Sanin (second place in the first race and win in the second). Kazan pilot Aydar Nureyev could become a leader Individuals by winning on Saturday, but offensive gathering on Sunday moved him to eighth position on the basis of phases. Racer from Tolyatti Dmitry Bragin and Andrei Maslennikov (team TSTVS MO) also climbed on the podium only once for the weekend and the next stage is obviously constitute powerful competition Sanin and Nureyev. The next stage will be held June 28-30 RRC racetrack "Smolensk ring."


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