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Karamyshev Bragin and achieved a double victory at the stage of ETC Cup at Spa

Karamyshev Bragin and achieved a double victory at the stage of ETC Cup at Spa
Karamyshev Bragin and achieved a double victory at the stage of ETC Cup at Spa

Karamyshev Bragin and achieved a double victory at the stage of ETC Cup at Spa

Successful for the Russian pilot received the fourth stage of "bodywork" European Cup. Like three times before, participants ETC Cup competed within the weekend Turing world - this time brought their calendar at Spa-Francorchamps. Karamyshev Nikolay After a convincing victory in the qualification Nicholas Karamyshev confidently controlled the first race. Kursk pilot, acting on the Chevrolet Cruze, won the start (pictured above), and then was able to break away from Igor Skuza and Mato Homola, passionate fight for second place. Ukrainian pilot, whatever drove on Saturday, was able to take the lead, but the young Slovak keep up. On the fifth lap Homola managed to catch the opponent on an error in the "Bus Stop" and to overtake. After that, the pilot was able to hold BMW takes position to the finish, giving the winner four seconds. In the category of TC2 confidently excelled overall leader Petr Fulin, outplayed two brothers on Sladechka not the first freshness Alfa Romeo. Representatives program SMP Racing in full force occupied the podium class SMT: Dmitry Bragin was strongest for the first time in the season (see photo), and the company he made ​​Sergei Ryabov and Michael Male. Karamyshev Nikolay Finn Aku Pelin, who arrived at the Spa with the highest score among the pilots, "cup" SEAT Leon, collided with the Turkish Selcuk debutant Salargilem and did not finish. Interestingly, there are two representative teams from Turkey, experienced Aytaç Bitter and young Kang Onder, and did was in an accident with one another. In the dispute between the pilots for 1600-cubic technique routinely topped Ulrike Kraft, but engine failure on its Ford Fiesta made ​​a winner Gilles Bruckner, noticeably sharp struggle in the overall standings. The second race, owing to reversing start, got far more exciting scenario. Already at the start was forced to stop the fight Skuz, which in turn first crush someone damaged the suspension. In the course of the first lap, the leaders have visited launched the first Bragin, Michal Mateёvski for BMW, and the clever use of the advantages of a powerful turbo Homola. Slovak attack struggled, trying to create a gap - between Karamyshev, trying not to risk gradually climbed up to the eighth starting position. The second round of pilot Kursk finished third, ahead of Fuling then - and set off in pursuit of the leader. On the final lap of Mato went first, but Nicholas was already in 0.516 seconds behind. At the entrance to turn Les Combes Russians had the first attack - his opponent faltered and lost control (pictured). Karamyshev Nikolay Only a miracle Karamyshev able to avoid contact - and raced to victory at the second stage and the fourth in a row this season. Maximum 23 points allowed in the Spa kuryaninu provide a solid lead over his pursuers. Homola finished the race only the third since his mistake and had to take advantage of Fuling, again became the strongest in TC2. Dmitry Bragin skillfully ordered advantage advantageous starting position and did not let any of his rivals in the standings SMT. Andreas Pfister finished the race second, Sergei Ryabov - third. Unlike the previous two classes situation standings SEAT Leon was so smooth that the title on the final stage will play five pilots. In S1600 Gilles Brueckner, winning again in the absence of Ulrike Kraft, also kept the chances to compete for the title of strongest. Here heh third recorded his asset Kharkiv pilotessa Xenia Knicks. Participants in the European Cup now go on long vacation, the fifth and final weekend of the season awaits them only in late September in Sicily.


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