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Nicholas Karamyshev: 23 points out of 23 possible in Spa

Nicholas Karamyshev: 23 points out of 23 possible in Spa
Nicholas Karamyshev: 23 points out of 23 possible in Spa

Nicholas Karamyshev: 23 points out of 23 possible in Spa

Successful for the Russian pilot Nicholas Karamysheva turned the fourth stage of the European Cup in class Touring. Athlete of the Kursk in a tense struggle with rivals and both won the qualification race circuits. June 21-22 Cup participants competed at the legendary Circuit de Spa-Frashkorsham that many racers called the most interesting in the world. Laid in the foothills of the Ardennes 7-kilometer ring is full of history, a lot of high-speed turns and incredibly picturesque scenery. However, three dozens of pilots from 11 countries were not up to breathtaking scenery, each of them aimed at the achievement of maximum results. Nicholas Karamyshev successfully conducted training behind the wheel Chevrolet Cruze, but in qualifying was able to beat his main rival in this season - Slovak pilot Mato Homola. The first race was also held with the advantage of a 26-year kuryanina: skillfully kicked off, Nicholas kept the lead, and then gradually broke away from his pursuers. At the finish of its advantage was very impressive by the standards of the 50-kilometer race eight seconds. But the arrival of the second scenario has turned much more exciting. According to the rules the winner of the first race must start from eighth place. Karamyshev that from the beginning of the season to call its main objective to fight for the title, chose not to venture into the first corner, where excessive fervor may lead to a collision and immediately. He gradually win back the position that allowed Homola took the lead to create a small gap. By mid distance Russian rider came in second place - and began the chase. But his opponent was unwilling to concede and also squeezed out of the car the maximum possible. On the final lap Nicholas went second, losing less than a second. The first attack Karamysheva seemed not successful. However, the pilot of Slovakia faltered and made ​​a mistake, dropping his car into a skid. Nicholas was able to turn away to the side, to avoid an accident - and headed to the second day of victory. Following the visit to the Spa Athlete of Kursk earned 23 points out of 23 possible, thus greatly strengthened its position in the overall standings. To the finish of the European Cup now remained only one step, which will name the name of the fittest. N.Karamyshev: "We managed to find a great qualifying setup: piloting, especially on such a road, brings great pleasure. However, my race engineer just adjust them to go a little slower, but more stable, as well as to protect the rubber. The first race was formed without any problems, but the second had to string up. But it was clear that Mato, I catch up, nervous - and eventually this led to the error. We had a small touch, but nothing serious. Step was successful, but the decisive battle ahead. Sicily will earn double points, so that the fate of the title will be decided there. "


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