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Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev conquered Europe

Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev conquered Europe
Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev conquered Europe

Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev conquered Europe

Last weekend in Italy was the final stage of the European Cup in 2014 on the highway-ring races. Kursk pilot Nikolai Karamyshev eventually became the first Russian ever to win the prestigious trophy in the ETCC Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev this season set himself a high goal - to become the European champion in highway-circular races in the class of machines SUPER 2000 TC2T. To conquer this peak kuryanin was confident steps. And before the final race in Sicily on the Formula 1 track-Enna Pergusa he created for himself a good start. However, in Italy it could change overnight. Success in the Sicilian highway gave double points in the overall standings of the championship because our countryman responsibly approached the heats. And at first, everything seems to be going well. But in the case intervened. Comrade Karamysheva team "Chevrolet" Igor Skuz damaged car in qualifying kuryanina. - Machines damaged us. There's strong sun light and one of the segments of the track was visible only at a distance of two meters and a speed of about one hundred and eighty miles per hour. Here and there was a collision, - confessed the European champion in highway-circular races Nicholas Karamyshev. In the end, faithful companion to fight for first place overall in the Championship of Europe - car "Chevrolet Cruze" - had to rush to repair. However, by the decisive race for the gold car Karamysheva Nicholas was ready on time. - I am qualified to win in the end. Although there was a small affair. We drove into the pits after a good arrival and waited on us to leave or not. On the seventh or eighth minute qualifying Mato Homola, who plays for the team BMW shows us from time to fifty thousandths. And we decided to protect themselves and leave. And with one lap to show the two or three dozen times better than him - told about the vicissitudes of the struggle in qualifying Nicholas Karamyshev. But in the race Nikolay already proved himself as a true "king" of European routes. Overcoming stubborn resistance just did Slovak Mato Homola, kuryanin crossed the finish line first. After that, it became clear - Karamyshev won the European title on the highway-ring races for the first time in the history of the Russian pilots. Second restartovaya race for him turned into a mere formality. 00: 0002: 52 - We drove three laps, I was somewhere three laps passed. I have already confirmed the title, nothing solved the second race. Yes, and the car began to run in emergency mode, so we decided not to risk it and drove into the pits - summed European champion Nikolai Karamyshev. Now the new champion is preparing for the ceremonial awarding of winners of the season, which will soon take place in Paris. And also thinking about conquering other peaks of motorsport.


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