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Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup Tourenscheibe

Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup Tourenscheibe
Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup Tourenscheibe

Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup Tourenscheibe

Nicholas won Karamyshev touring European Cup, winning the first race of the final stage in Sicily. The pilot of the Kursk led from start to finish, discreet pressure of his main rival Mato Homola. Young Slovak pilot on the BMW made ​​a mistake in the first corner, propyliv on the lawn, and fell back to fifth place. Obnako before the end of the circle, he played two positions, and soon overtook the Russians and was on top of him. Karamyshev whose sedan Chevrolet Cruze all night to recover after Saturday's accident, this time did not have a clear advantage in speed. In the middle distance Homola finally overtook the leader and began to settle, but Nicholas coped with the pressure and became the strongest in the sixth time this season. Earned for winning the double points to become inaccessible to the pursuers. The third position is to go the distance challenged strongest pilots "atmospheric" class Fuling Peter and Michal Mateёvski at BMW. More experienced Fuling finished first on the track and on the amount of points, but his team mate on the final lap Krenek missed Igor Skuza, launched last after qualifying failure, but try to finish in fourth place. Dmitry Bragin finished second in the category of SMT and took the lead of the overall standings for the pilots to "cup" SEAT Leon. His main rival Andreas Pfister began last fight, but to go the distance almost caught Togliatti: he finished ninth and tenth. For another Russian Mikhail Maleev ispolchena fight was due to a puncture, and one of the leaders of Christian Fischer S2000 damaged the car, hitting a bunch of tires in the "Eske" in dealing with Christian Fischer. The wreckage of the car was worth Maleev punctures Sergei Ryabov and claiming the title in the S1600 Ulrike Kraft. German pursued his main rival Gilles Bruckner, but have not found the arguments in the dispute with the Luxembourgers (pictured), but because of the damage to the bus and missed the second position.


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