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Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup in highway-ring racing

Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup in highway-ring racing
Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup in highway-ring racing

Nicholas Karamyshev won the European Cup in highway-ring racing

Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev second time in his career, won the European Cup in highway-circular races (ETCC). Following the title in the Super Production class designed kuryanin victory in the elite Super 2000 TC2T. Kuryanin Nicholas Karamyshev long mastered in touring the European Cup, becoming one of its main stars. His car SEAT Leon with the label Black & White Team racer Kursk in 2012 won the tournament ETCC in class Super Production. Last season, he earned laurels not. And this year, Nicholas moved to the most powerful touring class - Super 2000 TC2T. As part of the Spanish team Campos Racing kuryanin drove a Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T. Cars, which for a season before touring the world champion won by Frenchman Yvan Muller, brought Karamyshevo luck. During the season 2014 in Nicholas, in fact, there were two serious contenders. This is his teammate, Ukrainian Igor Skuz projecting on the same Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T, and Slovakia Mato Homola conducting race a BMW 320 TC for the team name itself - Homola Motorsport. Despite having problems with technique, Kursk racer on the sum of the four stages of Homola looked at 20 points, and from Skuza - at 30. In order to formalize the victory, Nicholas had to show good results in the last stage in the Italian Pergusa. The peculiarity of the final weekend in the ETCC is that for success in the race pilots accrue double points. In this aspect of touring championship similar to "Formula 1". In this regard, it was impossible to Nicholas Karamyshevo fall of triples in Italy. And to finally remove all questions on the winner, Nicholas had to win at least one race of two. In this second race could flunk outright. Kuryanin did not postpone it indefinitely and won the qualification in Pergusa. However, the first place on the grid almost backfired Nicholas. As the resource autosport.com.ru, in the course of training in him accidentally drove Skuz companion, whom he had by means of slip-stream clocked at the Italian track. Fortunately, both cars mechanics restored for the first race. Only if Karamyshev went on the road with the first place, then Skuz who failed to qualify, launched last. Nicholas struggled all race with Slovak Homola. Kuryanin no hurry and drove very carefully. Slovakia, on the contrary, was nervous, and already in the first turn ran off the track on the lawn. Soon overtook Homola Karamysheva but kuryanin successfully repelled all attacks young Slovaks. At the finish, Nikolai clocked 20 minutes 17.591 seconds. Homola gave him a little more than a second. This victory Kursk rider enough to score 103 points and become inaccessible for Slovakia in the final standings, according to the website of the tournament fiaetcc.com. During the second race champion of Europe already rested. Celebrated her victory in Skuz and Homola again came second. As a result, Slovakia became the second result of touring European Championship, and Ukrainian - third.


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