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ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy): Almost without intrigue

ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy): Almost without intrigue
ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy): Almost without intrigue

ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy): Almost without intrigue

A plot in the final stage in the Eurocup Ann-Pergusa really really was not. S2000 TC2? Peter Fuling had a lead over the nearest rival, his team-mate Michal Matejovsky same (both - BMW 320si E90), that it was just enough to finish in the first race. Similar picture in S2000 TS2T: Nicholas Karamyshev (Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T), though the gap was smaller (in the background Fulin), but in his class all four machines and below fourth place though burst - did not arrive. Also, one of his rivals, Igor Skuz (Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T), with the help of Nicholas in qualifying, had to start from the last row of the peloton. SMT (Superkopa)? On the stage did not come leader Finn Aku Pellinen season, due to problems with the budget. Without it, the fight is reduced mainly to a duel between Dmitry Bragin and Andreas Pfister (both - Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2), but the duel was not to be, as Pfister became an unwitting participant accident Skuza and Karamysheva in qualifying, and as well as Skuz , started from the rear guard. Intrigue remained only in the junior division S1600, where the battle was to be held between the pilots and Gilles Bruckner Ulrike Kraft (both - Ford Fiesta Mk6). As a result, TC2 & TS2T all became clear already in the first race. Peter Fuling retained the lead in the class after the start and calmly brought the case to another victory, finishing third in the absolute. Matejovsky was second, Peter Rikli (Honda Civic 4D) took third place in the difficult struggle with Caan Ёnderom (BMW 320si E90). Leadership in the absolute and TS2T contested Karamyshev and Mato Homola (BMW 316TC E90). Plan ahead Slovak Karamysheva at launch failed, moreover, Homola mistake and lost a few positions. Quickly restore them, approached Karamyshevo, but not at a distance attack, signified Nicholas and controlled to the finish. Igor Skuz to finish up from last place to fourth (and third in class). In SMT dominated Norbert Nagy (Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2), Bragin quietly finished second, Pfister got to the third position and kept the chances to fight. As Ulrike Kraft in S1600, finished third after a puncture on his Fiesta, with the victory of Bruckner. In the second race fairly quickly out of control due to its teh.problem Karamyshev Nicholas Kruse, however the balance in TS2T these things is not affected. TC2 team (Fuling and Matejovsky) and TST2 (Skuz and Homola) almost five laps Troll Norbert Nagy on his Superkope holding leadership (who was there said that Copa never goes against the S2000? The main thing - the right gasket). Then the same released ahead turbo rivals, but still some time with butted Matejovsky and Fuling, but eventually warmed brakes and tires, began to make mistakes, and decided not to risk it. In the fight for the victory in the absolute and TS2T succeeded Igor Skuz scoring thus prestige goal in the final race of the season. Homola finished close second, and won the stage by the total points of the two races. In TC2 yet again succeeded Peter Fuling, pushing Matejovsky in second place. Samuel finished third Sladekka (Afa Romeo 156). The second victory in Nagi SMT guarantee him victory and following stages. A second Bragin - Victoria in the season. For Pfister race was unsuccessful. Could not jump over your head and Ulrike Kraft (Ford Fiesta Mk6), although the chances of it and so it was at least - had to win provided that Bruckner generally not reach the finish line. Could not, again, only the second and third in the overall standings. Title goes in Bruckner. Consolation for the German victory in the pilots became Lady Trophy.


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