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ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy) Qualifications: Crash! Boom! Bang!

ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy) Qualifications: Crash! Boom! Bang!
ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy) Qualifications: Crash! Boom! Bang!

ETCC, 5 stage, Pergusa (Sicily, Italy) Qualifications: Crash! Boom! Bang!

After a three-month break from the fourth stage in Belgium, ETCC EvroTuring finally made ​​it to the final round, which takes place on the road around the lake Pergusa, near the town of Enna, located on the Italian island of Sicily. Such a long vacation affected aggressiveness of participants: in qualifying contenders for the title in one episode could heap up firewood on both races ahead. The incident began with the fact that Igor and Nikolai Skuz Karamyshev (both - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T) at the beginning of qualification either going to break up with each other, "slipstrimom" on the lines, or just Karamyshev why then rode close behind Skuzom and then climbed it to outpace right in the chicane, or vice versa .. do whatever it was, an attempt to call in side by side, "Schumacher chicane" ended contact and battering ram bumpers. Under the distribution fell and Andreas Pfister (Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2), who was unable to dodge the Chevy slid Skuza. For Pfister and Skuza qualification ended not really begun in this same chicane and Karamyshev able to return to the pits, where the team Campos Racing turned left 40 minutes to fix minor damage to its Cruise. Tzimes situation was that Skuzu and Pfister is now had to start from the rear-guard of the peloton, which greatly reduces their chances now to fight for the title and prizes in their standings: at Skuza in TS2T have Pfister in SMT (Superkopa). So, sir, Karamyshev "slightly" killed the suspense in the season finale. After restart qualification fight for pole in TS2T and absolute led mend Karamyshev and Mato Homola (BMW 316TC E90). Toward the end of the interim pole for Slovakia, but in a last attempt to beat Russia's managed his result at 0.150 sec. For that thanked Dmitry Bragin (Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2), courtesy missed the Karamysheva on this circle. While thanking you should just Bragin Karamysheva, because thanks to the above-mentioned incident, the main competitor of Dmitri generally eliminated from qualifying and start to be the last. Bragin himself to pole position in the SMT is not reached, half a second quicker proved Norbert Nagy (Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2). True, he does not play a champ, since Superkope goes first stage of the season. Before this ride on atmospheric Chevy Cruz, as it turned out worse than Cope, funny:-) Basically the same division, atmospheric TC2, pole position habitually took Petr Cech Fuling (BMW 320si E90), was the third in the absolute. The second and fourth in the absolute - his teammate Michal Matejovsky (BMW 320si E90). The third and seventh - Christian Fischer (BMW 320si E90). Alpha this time, only one, Samuel Sladekki (Afa Romeo 156), he fifth in TC2 and 11th in the absolute. In the junior division S1600 on pole pilotessa German Ulrike "Ula" Craft (Ford Fiesta Mk6), with nearly a half-second ahead of nearest rival.


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