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Kursk racer Nicholas took Karamyshev European Cup

Kursk racer Nicholas took Karamyshev European Cup
Kursk racer Nicholas took Karamyshev European Cup

Kursk racer Nicholas took Karamyshev European Cup

For the first time in the history of world touring European Cup took Russian - Kursk racer Nicholas Karamyshev. In the final stage of ETSS, which took place in Sicily, he had the victory in the first race. Track Enna Pergusa - in the heart of La Cosa Nostra homeland, the island of Sicily. Oval, length of nearly five miles, she goes around the lake, has 4 artificial slow plot. At the start - Twenty-three cars in four classes. In the most important of them - the two-liter turbo - Nicholas Karamyshevo confronted Slovak rider Mato Homola. Nicholas Karamyshev, champion ETSS 2014: "Check was our descent, was a nervous trembling. Were constantly thinking about the first bunch of turns to not dislodged. " Anxiety Karamysheva was not in vain - Sicilian track is considered one of the most insidious. On the first lap qualification race between him and the Ukrainian pilot who together with Nikolai represent the team, "Campos racing", the collision occurred. Nicholas Karmayshev, champion ETSS 2014: "The accident happened in the" Eske "Schumacher. Strong sun light in the eye. The first warm-up tour I went for Fullenom. He missed me, and we went to a fast lap. Only approached this "Eske" (from behind me walked Igor Skuz), began to slow down, and he did not even see me - I flew to the side, at 150-160 km / h rammed a car. " In "Chevrolet" Karamysheva not suffered only three parts. But this did not prevent the Kursk rider. Nicholas snatched the lead in the qualification of the hands Homola. Before the final race car repaired overnight, even went to Palermo for a new door pilot. And this time, Enna Pergusa not already succumbed to Slovakia. A few seconds after the stratum at the first turn of the first round of the final race Homola wrong, and Nicholas Karamyshev takes the lead. Throughout the arrival of his opponent's 22 points and separated second time. Commentator: "Left, Right, braking, the final turn and here it is, the checkered flag in the hands of the judges! He already had five victories in eight races and here it sixth victory. " Nicholas karmayshev, champion ETSS 2014: "I am happy, satisfied. Who would think by next season, in which series to go. Quite a lot of interesting classes now add. I think some of the world series will be. " For his main championship European Cup at ceremonial presentation of Nikolai Karamyshev go in November in Paris.


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