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Drove to victory

Drove to victory
Drove to victory

Drove to victory

Kuryanin Nicholas Karamyshev became European champion in circuit racing in the class "orig" At a crucial stage, which was held on the Italian island of Sicily, Nicholas went to the role of the favorite. Its advantage over Slovakia Mato Homola accumulated during previous tours in France, Slovakia, Austria and Belgium, was 20 points. In other words, Nicholas had to try to win the qualification, and then go the full distance with dignity, gaining some points and to prevent breakage of his "Chevrolet". However, this is extremely clear task was difficult. It was necessary to happen, but already in the first round of qualifying races Karamyshev almost dropped out of the competition for the title. The difficult area of an airport, which is called "Eskoy Schumacher" (the road is bent in the form of the Latin letter S), Russian racer bright sun blinded, and he decided to throttle. At this point his car at full speed and rammed the car teammate Igor Skuza not calculate the speed on corner entry. "Chevrolet" Igor technology barely managed to recover for the start of the first race, and Kursk pilot was lucky - after repair doors, bumpers and wheel change, he not only continued the qualification, but also set a course record for a car of its class. By the way, in re race Karamyshevo still had to retire due to an unexpected failure of the motor. "Engine Manufacturers told us that this is only the second time in their practice," - said the driver. Fortunately for him, the trouble occurred at the time when he was out of reach for rivals in the overall standings. The necessary groundwork has provided convincing victory in the first race where he failed leadership throughout the 11 laps. - I knew that any possible force majeure, but because in the first race sought simply to get to the finish line, not squeezing out all the juices. In the end, managed to win, and a sigh of relief, - shared the new champion of Europe. Now Nicholas Karamyshevo will set targets for the next season, in which he will enter the rank of one of the strongest riders of the planet. - Still not sure whether I will participate in the World Championships. Alas, this competition turns into a kind of "race budgets" that I do not like - he says. - However, held many other exciting racing series, there are plenty to choose from. And now I can say one thing: major victory - is yet to come.


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