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Russian pilot won a diamond victory

Russian pilot won a diamond victory
Russian pilot won a diamond victory

Russian pilot won a diamond victory

Nicholas Karamyshev first Russian racers won the European Championship on the highway-ring races - ETCC (European Touring Car Cup) In the crucial final stage of the race, held in Sicily, the pilot of the Kursk led from start to finish. In addition, the qualifications, despite the accident on the first lap, Karamyshev set the course record for the touring cars. - Of course, I did not expect that, immediately caused an accident - his impressions with the correspondent "SE" pilot immediately after the finish. - Thanks to the mechanics, in the short term they did their job quickly and efficiently. Of course, in the first position at the start had seriously beaten. When qualification resumed, especially as long as we were waiting in the pits to save the tires. And our plan worked one hundred percent. - Why the accident occurred? - In a quick turn of the name of Michael Schumacher who was riding behind me Skuza Igor from Ukraine, as he later told me, blinded the sun, and he lost control. I have already entered in turn, started to slow down, but he felt a strong blow in the side, and my car had drifted in protective containers. The impact was very strong: the machine hurt both sides. Fortunately, the suspension remained intact. - Such accidents often happen? - This year, this happened to me the first time. God grant that in the latter. - The decisive stage, it seemed, was formed very difficult. - You are right. I had great "butt" with Slovak Mato Homola, my main rival throughout the season. At one point he even broke a couple of meters ahead, together we went into the turn, but I did not go with the trajectory. In the second race the engine failed, failed on the second lap. Mechanics say that this engine "Chevrolet" is only the second "flaw" in history. We understand what's wrong. - Your opinion on the highway in Sicily? - It is somewhat similar to the circuit in the suburban Myachkovo: same dirty and unkempt. In Sicily it was the first race at all this year. Had a very hard: Circle garbage crumb rubber scraps. - Last season, you were on the "Seat" in this ride a more powerful "Chevrolet." The difference between these cars more? - Very important. All completely different. Now I drive a car last year's world champion Yvan Muller - with a powerful motor and a finely tuned chassis. On it I get pleasure from each race. In fact, I had to learn everything all over again. It was hard, but fun. This season, I wanted to win the European Championship. And glad I could do it right the first time. - Which of the race was the most difficult for you? - Hard to say. Nothing extraordinary to me during the season did not happen. Probably the hardest part was in the final. After I finish pits with great relief. If a stone fell from the soul. I qualitatively done his job and is very happy that he became European champion. - I was with Coley on stage in Austria, - enters conversation Karamysheva father Viktor. - In qualifying, he won first place, but in the evening the judge sent him to the last, 21 th position. Said they did not have enough ballast 600 grams. Although the weight of the car and was normal, somewhere lost one plate. Naturally, we were all nervous. I walked over to her son before the race and asked: "How do you mood, nervous?" However unflappable received the answer: "What do I care? It let opponents worried. Well I'm behind them will come near." And he came to the finish line the fastest, ahead of competitors one by one. In motorsport, this is called a diamond victory. - Each race for me - it's an experience - says Nikolay. - I never think, that will be. Just set a goal and strive for it. Each race is something important for me - in a positive and sometimes negative sense. I analyze each, looking for errors. In each try to go faster than the previous. - What are your future plans? - I speak to the remaining stages of the championship WTCC in China, Japan and Macau. To begin, I want to just look around, try to finish as close to the leader. Here, I think you need to show yourself. After the World Cup - the level that makes it clear to all your place. So I will try and work with. - Share a secret, in a series and in what league you will act in the next year? - It is still not known. Who am negotiating about continuing a career. I think in November - December, the final choice will be made, and then we can talk about future plans. One thing for sure: my opponents easily in the next season will not be exact (smiles). - Heard that you are invited to perform in a series of GT. Is this true? - Honestly, I've never raced on the rear wheel drive cars, but still possible. I do not want to think. Maybe with someone in a couple marry at the start and in endurance racing. - Do you plan to perform in Russian racing? - Not now, but in the winter be sure to take part in them.


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