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ETCC Round 4 Italy - Imola 2012

ETCC Round 4 Italy - Imola 2012
ETCC Round 4 Italy - Imola 2012

ETCC Round 4 Italy - Imola 2012

Nikolay Karamyshev, driver from Kursk, won another fourth gold in the course of persistent struggle, which added considerable points to the team overall count. This resulted in his absolute championship in the EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012 in the Super production class with more than 20 points ahead of competitors.

It should be pointed out, that the 1st stage of the European cup was held in Austrian city of Salzburg, during which Alexander Toshich, holder of the European cup-2011 from Serbia, tried to force Nikolay’s car from the track six times. After the consideration of this case by the Board of Sports Commissioners, the behavior of Alexander Toshich was considered unsporting, and he was penalized.

Unofrunately, the fourth stage of the race didn’t go without incidents. During practice races Nikolay’s car underwent an engine failure. Because of it Nikolay was unable to participate in qualifications, thus he had to start from the last position of the starting grid, but right after the 4th lap he overtook 11 cars and became the first in his class. One should also mention that Nikolay outpaced his perpetual nemesis, Italian driver Fabio Fabiani. In 2009 Fabio Fabiani won gold at the European cup only 0.035 seconds ahead of Nikolay Karamyshev, which amounted to only 20 cm of a car bonnet.

Imola congratulated its winners, Russian national anthem was heard. Nikolay Karamyshev brought home a crystal championship cup of the EUROPEAN TOURING CAR CUP-2012 and added another gold to a country's collection. This weekend Moscow will host another stage of the Russian cup, where Nikolay will represent his native city once again (for reference: Nikolay ranked first in the previous race that was held in Nizhniy Novgorod).




Николай Карамышев


Николай Карамышев


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