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ETCC 2 stage Slovakia 2013

ETCC 2 stage Slovakia 2013
ETCC 2 stage Slovakia 2013

ETCC 2 stage Slovakia 2013

In contrast with the first stage that was held more than a month ago in Monza (Italy), the number of our drivers in the list of competitors was considerably reduced. AMG Mororsport/TNK Racing team, which was representing Russia in the Touring class at four BMW 320si E90’s, was absent in a body. Unfortunately, no driver from this team managed to rise above the fourth place at the first stage of the European Series – 2013.

etcc 2013

Nikolay Karamyshev, the Cup leader in the SMT (Seat Leon Supercopa) class started practicing on last Tuesday, but in the course of the Saturday’s qualification his car experienced fuel system faults (the fuel pump got out of order almost completely). As a result, the driver from Kursk was able to time only 8th in the qualification.

In the very beginning of the race, specifically on the very first curve, Nikolay Karamyshev found himself at the epicenter of a terrible wreck initiated by young Hungarian driver Ferenz Fitza. Because of the accident six drivers had to retire from the race, including Russian driver Anton Ladygin from Ekaterinburg, representing SMP Racing Russian Bears team. One more SMP racing pilot Mikhail Maleev retired after the collision with Nicolas Hamilton from Great Britain that happened on the 4th lap.

Николай Карамышев

Nikolay Karamyshev had a miraculous escape from the collision on the first curve and continued his road to victory. Finally, he managed to finish third in his class, which strengthened his position in the tournament brackets even more.

During the second race pilots were starting more cautious. The number of “casualties” was significantly reduced this time. Unfortunately, not all the drivers managed to recondition their cars during such a short break between the races.

Nikolay Karamyshev this time spent the entire race in a persistent struggle and finished fifth in the SMT rankings. At that time he yielded only three tenths of a second to the fourth place that was held by Norbert Nagy.

According to the result of two stages of the European Touring Car Cup – 2013, Russian driver Nikolay Karamyshev shares the second place with German Andreas Pfister, who managed to collect the total of 25 point in 2 races as well.

The next European Cup stage will be held on the 18th-19th of May in Salzburg (Austria). Right now we can confidently say that the struggle is going to be spectacular.

Karamyshev Nikolay



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