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RRC 2 stage 2013 Russia-Moscow

RRC 2 stage 2013 Russia-Moscow
RRC 2 stage 2013 Russia-Moscow

RRC 2 stage 2013 Russia-Moscow

On the 7th of June, despite his colossal load at the World Championship, Nikolay Karamyshev competed at the same Moscow Raceway circuit at the Russian Racing Championship. Twoverydifferentcars. Onehastochangehisapproach. Practice and the races of the World and Russian Championships are held one after the other at intervals of 15 to 30 minutes.

But Nikolay proves his class once again: the first race of the Russian Championship – the top place in the Touring class, the second race – the victory podium once again.

Nikolay Karamyshev

Award ceremony for drivers and teams-winners of the RRC-2012 took place right before the beginning of the second Russian Championship race. Nikolay received a just medal, though in the previous season he had no opportunity to compete at all its stages because of his races in Europe! The ceremony was conducted by one of the heads of the Russian Automobile Federation. And after the race the driver from Kursk received a gold cup from hands of his fans.

The World Championship drew five-digit crowds of motorsports fans and enthusiasts. Almost all the members of the Kursk Automobile Federation visited Moscow to support their townsman. And the parking lot of the best country’s autodrome accommodated several dozens of cars with Kursk region license plates. It means that our motorsports fans reached the Moscow Raceway circuit. We are glad that Nikolay Karamyshev didn’t disappoint his supporters.


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